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Elevate your corporate event with Miami's top band. Over 40 years in the music industry, delivering unmatched musical excellence. Book your consultation today.

Groove Republik by Manolo Puerto: Transforming Miami's Corporate


From intimate gatherings to grand corporate galas, we provide the soundtrack for Miami's most memorable events. Experience the musical distinction of Manolo Puerto Productions.

Why Choose
Manolo Puerto for Corporate Events?

Spanning four decades, Groove Republik has been the go-to name in high-caliber, luxury event entertainment. Specializing in both Latin and American music, we curate performances that are tailored to the elite standards of the corporate world. We’ve graced international stages, bringing diverse, electrifying renditions from Big Band to Top 40, Merengue to Jazz.

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Our Global Footprint.

Our impact resonates globally, having performed in illustrious venues from Italy to Israel, Canada to Colombia. We’re not just a band; we are an international sensation that brings Miami’s essence to the global stage.

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Elite Corporationst.

The Legacy Behind the Music.

Step into the world of Groove Republik, the brainchild of Manolo Puerto Productions. For over 40 years, we’ve been crafting melodies, touching souls, and establishing a legacy that resonates across continents.

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