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Dive into the world of Manolo Puerto!

An embodiment of musical innovation, timeless rhythms, and an international legacy spanning over four decades.

Starting from Colombia, crossing continents, and settling into the very heart of Miami’s music scene. This section chronicles the growth, challenges, and triumphs of Manolo Puerto in the music industry.

The Soundwaves Behind the Success.

With an academic foundation in sound engineering and business administration, Manolo Puerto doesn’t just create music – he crafts an auditory experience. Unearth the genius behind the harmonies that have resonated at over 1600 weddings and numerous corporate events.

Our Signature Ensembles.

Manolo Puerto has helmed and shaped, from the early days of EL EQUIPO to the world-renowned Groove Republik. An exploration into the diverse sounds and genres that these groups have brought to life.

Short Bio.

Born amidst the vibrant rhythms of Bogotá, Cali, and Barranquilla, Colombia, Manolo Puerto embraced the world of music from an early age. His passion led him to the United States, where he furthered his skills with degrees in sound engineering and business administration. Starting as an ambitious musician, Manolo soon realized the gap in the market for a Latin orchestra, giving birth to his first band, EL EQUIPO.

This was just the beginning. Manolo’s relentless drive to innovate and cater to niche audiences saw him establishing EL KARTELL, a Latin Pop Music Band, and setting a significant footprint in the Jewish community. Understanding and respecting their musical tastes, Manolo even brought in seasoned musicians from Israel, ensuring authenticity in every performance. This commitment opened doors for him, not just in the U.S., but in global destinations like Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and Israel.

The turn of the millennium saw Manolo adeptly navigating the evolving music landscape, introducing contemporary genres into his band’s repertoire. 2003 marked another milestone: Discos Fuentes recognized his unparalleled expertise and brought him onboard as the manager of the renowned group, Sonora Carruseles.

Today, Manolo Puerto stands as a symbol of musical diversity, innovation, and international acclaim. With over 40 years in the music industry, his latest venture, Groove Republik Band, continues to blend cultures and melodies, solidifying his legacy as a true maestro of the music world.


Technical Riders for Groove Republik:

Precision Behind the Performance

Manolo Puerto’s commitment to excellence is not just about the music but also about the seamless integration of his band, Groove Republik, into any venue. Our technical riders are meticulously crafted to guide engineers and event organizers, ensuring the perfect stage setup tailored for the band’s unique configuration.

Why Our Riders Matter:
Every venue has its intricacies, and our riders serve as the blueprint, detailing equipment needs, stage layout, and sound specifications. With over four decades of experience, Manolo Puerto understands the importance of impeccable stage management for delivering an unparalleled performance.

Download & Access:
For event organizers and sound engineers, our technical riders are available for download below. They provide step-by-step guidance on the stage setup for Groove Republik, ensuring that every performance is set to impress.

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